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thanks for coming to this abbreviated session of the concepts of prevailing wage and certified payroll this should take about nine minutes the subjects for today are going to be divided into prevailing wage and certified payroll often these terms are brought together as one consideration and they are often required on the same types of projects we're going to separate them just for a sake of clarity in which each of them mean as it pertains to prevailing wage or prevailing wages first most important thoroughly check your bid paperwork ask for a craft or a classification from the general contractor is this work covered under a prevailing wage category that you already have determined such as a glazier or a paperhanger that classification can have broad impacts on your prevailing wage cost to do the work understand that prevailing wage levels the playing field and make sure that people that are doing work for government agencies are getting paid a reasonable wage and they're all getting paid the same wage so it becomes a matter of who can do the work most efficiently not who can pass on their cost savings and reduce their wages note also that prevailing wage may include the wages and benefits and other compensation you may be governor the davis-bacon act for federally funded projects where you may have a state prevailing wage or both most importantly do not think you're going to outsmart the system by classifying somebody as a laborer or an apprentice because you see that they're there their rates a lot lower and and in that they're kind of doing laborer kind of work the work and the wage are defined by the system consider now certified pay rule certified payroll is simply put you pay weekly payroll and you certify that it was paid according to the wage determination and the prevailing wage you have to certify that you have indeed paid already the wages you're now being asked are now asking the general contractor to pay to you this affects your cash flow as you have to pay out before you receive in some some things you can do is ask for a progress payment once the film is delivered to the job site get a partial payment for that understand if if you look at the certified payroll requirements they're not that complicated but if you do it wrong you're not going to get paid the most complicated part of wage determination can be just looking at the tables and the examples and how do you understand what is the wage I should consider for my project here's an example of a wage determination that is for a glazier and there are three categories a journeyman who's somebody is capable of doing the work unsupervised and then a foreman a supervisor and the general foreman who is managing a project another example this is a prevailing wage schedule for coal County and by occupational title what is the basic hourly rate and what are the fringe benefits and those must be added together to get the total wage that you're...